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Timber Deck

Timber Deck for Home Development

Outdoor living is a popular home development trend. A lot of homeowners in Sydney are expanding their homes to the outdoors; these range from quiet places to entertaining outdoor spaces that have complete kitchen and dining areas. A timber deck is an excellent way to add value to your home and enlarge the living space to incorporate new horizons. The following are some reasons why a deck is a necessary addition to your home.

1. Increases Living Space

If you have a porch that only has concrete for a finish, you can upgrade it with a timber deck to create more usable space. Currently, there are ready deck plans available for your choosing with a myriad of materials to choose from. The deck can be useful as a beauty addition or use the space to plant herbs.

2. Enhances Home Value

Building a deck will add value to your home as it has a 100% return value; you will recoup every cent spent on the deck when selling the home. Furthermore, the deck will help in selling the home faster as it is an attractive asset. Since decks are currently the in-thing in home improvement, a property that has one will sell more quickly than one which does not.

3. Great for Parties

A deck is an ideal space to host a party. Instead of having your visitors in a crowded living room, take them out on the deck, where it is less claustrophobic. When you host your party outside, you will also avoid potential damages to your indoor spaces and reduce cleanup. All you have to do is take a portable bar or grill, and you are good to go.

4. Adds Enjoyment when Outdoors

Outdoor comfort is redefined with decks. Modern decks provide a comfortable and versatile way of enjoyment. You can place plants on your deck for privacy and to attain a natural feeling while in the city. There is the wood below your feet, the open sky, and the greenery that provides a peaceful getaway from life stresses.

Types of Wood Deck Materials

There are primarily three types of wood that are used for wood decks; they are cedar, redwood, and wood that is pressure-treated. Cedar and redwood are rot and insect resistant with a natural appearance.

  • Cedar Decking

Cedar is a type of wood that is resistant to rotting and insects. However, some people opine that it is too soft to use for decking as it splinters. It is instead useful in building vertical structures such as planters and pergolas.

  • Redwood Decking

Redwood is more expensive than cedar, and it is high maintenance as it needs regular sealing and resealing. It is a stable decking material as it does not warp. It is a finish retainer since it has very few resins. 

  • Pressure-Treated Wood

Lumber that has been pressure treated resists insects and rot. Also, it costs less than cedar and redwood. A disadvantage of building this type of deck is that it warps, twists, and shrinks, especially when you get it a meager price. If you want the best quality, go for higher-grade lumber that is pre-stained and treated while still at the mill. In conclusion, outdoor decking is a modern way to improve dull outdoor spaces. Timber decking Sydney is a service that is readily available for you, and there are companies ready to provide you with timber decking designs at your request. 

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