/Tips for Choosing the Right Display For Your Outdoor Events
Tips for Choosing the Right Display For Your Outdoor Events

Tips for Choosing the Right Display For Your Outdoor Events

Choosing the right display for your event or product line can be a daunting task. Whatever you might be doing that is in need of a display, getting the right look is crucial for success. After all, how a product and event is perceived by the public is a direct representation of the brand itself. When choosing the right display, there are many key factors to consider. The questions who, what, what, where, when, why and how are a great way to make a checklist when it comes time to choosing a display system that will reach your intended audience

Who is the target audience of the display? When selecting your banners, display and visual appeal the demographics of your audience should be well thought out. How old are they? What gender? What are their interests? The style and colours of the banner should be targeted at your specific market. Say for a tech convention for example. You would want something big, bold yet streamlined with a HDTV display that features esoteric lights and gizmos such as the Webloc GT with Spider mount. Retractable banners might not cut it used separately, but used creatively in conjunction with the Webloc GT will create that futuristic dystopian look gamer geeks adore.

What are you trying to achieve?

Is the display for informational purposes to guide prospective traffic or is it to wow your audience and portray a professional image? The purpose of your display should is one of the key factors choosing the right banners and display products. Informational displays need to be clear, concise and in easy view of the public. If you’re selling a new product or going for the wow factor, you need something to draw people in and create interest. The product brand should be more than visible and create a presence of mystique. This generates interest and interest creates traffic and traffic generate sales.


Where is the event or display taking place? Where the event takes place is an important factor. You should be aware of whether it is indoor or outdoor. The size and scale of the display should also be considered as some venues have a height restriction. Also if you’re at a convention, you might be limited to the size and space of your display so choosing the right banners to achieve the maximum effect is essential. Is your event at the beach? If so you will need banners that are suitable for outdoors and handle wind and other elements. The last thing you want to be doing is chasing your display down the beach after a gust of wind has blown it away. Not a good look for you or your product.  What kind of access do you have to your event? Lugging around heavy signage might not be an option. In this case, smaller banners or banners in cases with wheels might be the only solution.


Is the event at during the day or night? The time of the event can dramatically affect the appearance of the display, and certain attention needs to be taken. Take a sunset for examples. Using black banners with light text will make a great silhouette for the setting and really get your brand noticed.


How are you going to set up the display? What banners and display items are you going to need for your display and how are you going to arrange them? A good option is to buy a variety of banners, from retractable banners to fold up banners. Pop up systems like the Webloc GT are great for overall display, but you might want to get some smaller banner to create depth and guide traffic. A Webloc GT tower is a great way to attract attention and display your business as it is clearly visible from afar and its tower-like appearance adds some contrast to banner or displays with sharp edges.

It’s a good idea to get all the details and specs and put pen to paper and really nut out what needs to be achieved. Draw up some diagrams of the space and try a variety of different display options until you find one that fits your needs both visually and practically. I hope that helps.


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