/Tips for Sourcing Mercedes Truck Parts in Sydney
Mercedes truck parts in Sydney

Tips for Sourcing Mercedes Truck Parts in Sydney

Mercedes Benz is the ultimate status car. Around the world, it’s seen as a symbol of wealth, taste, and old money. Americans seem to prefer their sports cars and Jaguars, but culturally speaking, the US is synonymous with nouveau riche, so that only seems to prove the point. After all, quite a few American millionaires shipped their daughters off to Europe in the 1800s and early 1900s. They recognised that their money couldn’t buy them respect, so they arranged marriages with titled, impoverished, European aristocrats.

In their world, being an earl, countess, duke, or marchioness offered more social standing than all the dollars in the world. Interestingly, while British titles endowed respect, British cars did not. Today, we lift our eyebrows at a Jaguar or Rolls Royce, and we whistle at Alpha Romeos and Bugattis, but the highest regard remains with German models like BMW, Volvo, Porsche, Volkswagen, and – obviously – Mercedes.

Still, as much as Mercedes is the monarch of the luxury vehicle world, there’s increasing interest in their utility vehicles and trucks. The G-Class series of Mercedes started as a military vehicle, but is doing well enough in the luxury world that a new model was released in 2018. Meanwhile, over in the trucking world, Mercedes has made a name for itself. Mercedes trucks are prized for their beauty, power, and long life.

Prized for fuel efficiency

In other car categories, Mercedes is known as a guzzler, but this generally applies to petrol cars. Diesel – on the other hand – is thicker, so it burns more slowly, giving off more power per litre. Because most Mercedes trucks are diesel powered this therefore gives them better fuel efficiency than other brands, even if those trucks are powered by diesel. The power factor is a big selling point, because your Mercedes engine can haul a larger load for less.

The ubiquity of Mercedes makes its truck spares easily available, but in many parts of the world these spares are expensive and rare. Within Australia, we have a Daimler dealership, which means it’s easy to seek and find parts for your Mercedes truck. This – therefore – is the first place to go when you’re looking for Mercedes spares. Still, being an OEM source, it can get quite pricy, so be willing to fork out a wad of cash.

They say game recognises game, and with so many Japanese trucks on the roads, Mercedes drivers are often pleasantly surprised to spot a fellow driver. The sense of camaraderie that’s generated will often revolve around guy topics like sports and trucking experience, but it can be helpful to take a more targeted approach. Ask your new friend where they source their truck parts, and keep each other in the loop when opportunities arise for spares.

Take your search online

Gumtree is another good source of Mercedes truck parts, as are online forums. The availability is never in doubt, but the authenticity frequently is. Spend some time – lots of time – studying your Mercedes spares. In the same way you can tell there’s something wrong by the way your truck sounds, you should develop an instinct for counterfeit parts.

This matters because you’ll often get a good deal on a part and you’ll have a split second to decide if the part is genuine and the dealer sincere. When you’re shopping for parts, carry the spare you intend to replace. This way, you can hold them side by side and do a spot-the-difference evaluation to gauge the genuine-ness of your prospective truck part.

At the same time, when you join a Mercedes truck forum, don’t just focus on the parts. Pay attention to your fellow members and identify who can be relied on and who can’t. If you already have a mental map as you follow discoveries on the group, you know which leads to pursue and which ones to let go of. This saves you a lot of time in your hunt for parts.

Find an aftermarket expert

If you talk to your mechanic and even to fellow drivers about aftermarket parts suppliers, you’ll find that several names pop up again and again. These suppliers have built up a reputation, so you’re safe buying from them. And even without verbal recommendations, they’re easily identifiable. They’re endorsed by original truck manufacturers, because they make clean deals with these manufacturers – buying smart, in bulk, and using a clever strategic schedule that guarantees good pricing. They pass these savings down to customers.

These suppliers will often have good distribution networks with offices, partners, and/or delivery services all over Australia, meaning you can get a part wherever and whenever you want. They have good customer care and maybe even a virtual catalogue to ease your shopping experience. They will gain and keep your trust, making them the best source of parts for your new, old, or pre-loved Mercedes truck.

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