/Tips to Find the Right Patio

Tips to Find the Right Patio

Patios are versatile outdoor spaces that can accommodate several design options. They come in different sizes demarcated by paving or other outdoor flooring solutions. Unlike a courtyard, a patio doesn’t have a surrounding wall.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect patio is a daunting task. Different homes have different designs, and a wide range of fittings are used in the space. Here are a few tips for finding the right patio


Patios are open areas often demarcated by plants or one of the walls on a building. When it comes to the size of the space, the rule of thumb is to use around 2 square metres for each user. The result is a comfortable space that feels cosy but not cramped.

Access is another factor to consider when choosing a patio. Some patios have poor access points that force users to walk across functional areas or squeeze through furniture pieces. Poor access disrupts the comfort of the space.

A good tip is to set up the patio away from the main building; this increases access. Moreover, plan the traffic flow with clear walkways.

It’s also important to keep in mind the exposure of your patio to the elements. A shade makes a massive difference in patios. Although it’s an adaptable element, it’s essential to keep it at the back of your mind as you choose your patio.


Patios have an array of functions. Most spaces serve as outdoor lounge areas. They are designed to give a cosy feel and often make use of comfortable outdoor furniture pieces. The outdoor lounge is great for hosting guests and relaxing.

You can also fit outdoor kitchens and bars on patios. They make barbecuing more convenient. The bar is also a great place to catch up with friends on the weekend.

Patios can also accommodate entertainment units. For example, you can fit a projector or a screen in the patio to watch games or movies. You can also enjoy some music outdoors.

The function of the patio determines the overall design and furniture choices. It also dictates the feel of the space.

Surface design

Numerous surface designs are available for patios. Concrete is the most affordable and most popular option. Gravel is also great and performs well on drainage.

Another surface option is clay bricks which offer a unique, classic look coupled with versatile design options. Flagstone also has options for both warm climates and cool climates.

If you are big on aesthetics, tiles are what you need. They offer unique design options and feel great. Although tiles are vulnerable to damage, they are worth the investment.


Several fittings bring life to a patio. Here are some you can’t do without

  • Lighting

    Lights improve the visual appeal of a patio. As a functional fitting, they keep the space useable when the sun goes down. Lights are also used to change the mood through colour adjustment.

    Some of the lighting options for patios include string lights, up-lights, downlights and torch lighting.
  • Furniture

    Patios have specific furniture requirements. The pieces are designed for outdoor use and perform well against the elements. They include chairs, tables, benches and stools.

    Since patios are often used to host meals, dining sets are pretty common in the space. Moreover, outdoor sofas and swinging chairs are used for relaxing.

    A hammock is another unique piece used to enhance comfort. Finally, benches blend well with the outdoor setting and come in handy when hosting numerous guests.
  • Heating

    Heating options used in patios include fire pits, fireplaces and fire tables. These fixtures make the space cosy and add a unique aesthetic appeal.

The right patio has a bit of everything. Ultimately, the space is designed for comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal. The details of what’s right depend on you.

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