/Tips to Keep Your Heating Bills Down This Winter
Tips to Keep Your Heating Bills Down This Winter

Tips to Keep Your Heating Bills Down This Winter


Do you keep finding your utility bills keep going up year on year? Even though you’re probably using the same amount of energy, these rates have a tendency to climb. Instead of being overwhelmed by a huge bill at the end of winter, there are various steps we can take to make sure that we don’t spend too much on our heating…

Wear more clothes & more blankets

Sometimes the simplest options are the best. By wearing more clothes, or putting extra blankets on your bed, you can often do away with extra heating – or at the very least have it on a lower setting. There is absolutely nothing wrong about having layers upon layers of clothes on in your home, even if you do look silly!

Make sure all windows have curtains

Warmth very easily escaped from your home out of bare windows, especially if they are single glazed/pane windows. To counter this heat loss, and thus retain more heat, driving your energy bills down, add curtains to all your bare windows. Heavy or double curtains work the best for this purpose.

Install double glazed windows

Adding an extra pane of glass to your windows, with an air gap between the two panes, lowers the amount of heat lost through windows. You will find that most old houses only have single glazed windows. Sometimes you can add an extra pane to your existing windows, but sometimes they will need replacing altogether.

Install roller shutters to the exterior of your home

Roller shutters provide another barrier between your windows so that the heat in your home cannot escape as quickly. Completely closed roller shutters can help to keep the heat in during the cold winter months.

Change your heating appliances if they are not energy efficient

Have you looked at the star energy ratings on your heating appliances any time recently? If you’re looking at an appliance with 2 stars, then you should probably think about upgrading. The higher the number of stars, the more energy efficient your heater, which means the more that you’ll save on your electricity or gas bills.

Turn off heaters at night

Is it really necessary to keep your heaters cranking overnight? If you can manage just with extra blankets on your bed, the you really should. 8 hours of your heaters being on overnight, every night over winter, can really make your energy bills shoot up astronomically.