/Top 10 Outdoor Corporate Events in Brisbane in This Winter
Top 10 Outdoor Corporate Events in Brisbane

Top 10 Outdoor Corporate Events in Brisbane in This Winter

When its cold outside, people need an extra special reason to get out of their warm blankets and face the winter chill. Fortunately, Brisbane is full of exciting events this winter, and if your business isnt represented at these venues, youre missing out.

It doesnt take a lot to show your face at these functions. Simply look through your product and service portfolio, pick an item thats in line with the event, and contact the organisers about their advertising rates. These events draw hundreds and sometimes thousands of potential customers every day, so you really should consider getting into their space.

Outdoor advertising options depend on the venue, and on your budget. You might use a few strategically placed banners, or maybe youd prefer a full 360-degree display unit. Another option is to sponsor the event. That way, people who enjoy themselves will always associate that warm, fuzzy memory with your brand.

Youve already missed the Brisbane Races, the Cabaret, and the Marvel Museum display. It drew vast crowds because long before the world discovered the beautiful Hemsworth brothers, we already knew how amazing they were, and were definitely #TeamThor. But dont worry, winter is young, and theres still a lot to do.

While Brisbane is definitely not Sparta, we still put on a mean Gladiator show, and it starts on the 23rd of June. Fortunately, we will not require any topless warriors to brave the chill. Instead, we have a series of around 120 gladiatorial artefacts ranging from weapons to items of clothing. This Gladiator Tour is an exclusive Australian event, so you cant catch it anywhere else in the world.


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Its not a passive museum function. There will be simulated displays and interactive games, showing what life was really like for the gladiators. If your firm provides sporting goods, video game products, or even services related to arts and history, youll be in good company at the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre.

Suppose you see your company as having tastes that are slightly more refined. Well, how about showing your support for a ballet event? And this is not just any ballet. Its a Virginia Woolf ballet! This author is well known for her powerfully feminist works, and for her stream-of-consciousness style. Shes been gone for more than a century, but her work continues to inspire, and now it has inspired a cast of lithe, graceful, ethereal dancers.

Woolf Works is a modernistic ballet in three acts, and it is based on three titles by Ms Woolf. The books are Orlando, Mrs Dolloway, and The Waves. The ballet was created by Wayne McGregor, with music by Max Richter. It will be performed by the Royal Ballet, backed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. The event will be held at QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre), and it will run from 29th June to 2nd July. The Royal Ballet will then take a three-day break then return to stage Shakespeares The Winters Tale from the 5th to the 9th.

Perhaps your brand is more aligned with blood sports. Well, theres bound to be at least a little blood at the Battle of Brisbane. Manny Pacquiao fights Jeff Horn at Suncorp Stadium on the 2nd of July. Manny is the world title holder, but Jeff has home advantage, so the crowd will be raging and youre going to want them on your side. Brands that could benefit from this event are energy drinks, beverages, sports, media, and entertainment affiliates. Space is bound to be available at premium rates, so youll probably need to get creative with your placement budget.

Is your brand is more musically oriented? Well, there are three events where your presence would probably be appreciated. The Bodyguard and Kinky Boots are stage musicals with international acclaim. They will both be staged at QPAC. The Bodyguard runs from 19th to 29th July, while Kinky Boots will be staged a month later, starting from the 22nd of August. Kinky Boots features music by Cyndi Lauper.

For brands that are oriented outdoors, Queensland Music Festival (QMF) is an open-air extravaganza with multiple venues that are an advertisers dream. QMF begins on the 7th of July and runs for three weeks. Festivals are the perfect way to warm up during the winter chill, soaking in loud music, partying with wild revellers, and having lots of fun. As a corporate vendor, the scale for sponsorship and ad displays is virtually limitless.