/Using Limestone Indoors

Using Limestone Indoors

Natural stones look amazing inside and outside the house or even in the garden. Today we are talking about the use of limestone indoors and the possibilities that are available and let me tell you there are many. From flooring to feature walls, limestone is a perfect option and looks great. Not only does it look great, it is favoured by builders all across the country due to its versatility and durability.

Limestone is great for the bathroom because it has natural non-slip characteristics and it will make bring an element of luxury to your home. Hey, why not make your whole house out of natural stone or limestone? Believe it or not people have done it before and will probably do it again, because limestone is amazing.

Limestone Flooring

Limestone flooring is a great choice for any room in the house and the results are amazing. The natural veins and neutral colours from deep greys to nice off-white and creams compliment and complete any room. These are just some of the colours that are available. Whether you want prominent earthy veins or a subtler washed out look, there is a limestone tile that would suit any home and transform your floors from average to opulence in no time at all.

If I had my way, I would be using limestone everywhere. I’m not kidding, I just love the look and feel of it. There are so many options. I would deck out my floors with a different colour in every room. Every wall would be covered in limestone of all the colours of the rainbow.

Limestone in the Bathroom

Limestone belongs in the bathroom and can be used for all applications, from the shower, to basins, and even the walls. Limestone in the bathroom instantly steps it up a notch into the luxury class and before long you will be bathing like the stars.

The non-slip characteristics make it ideal for the shower floor. The beauty is that limestone works on every surface in the bathroom, except for your shower glass obviously. If you take a quick browse on Google Images you will see what is possible using limestone tiles. The range of colours will allow you to mix and match to your liking and the possibilities and combinations are endless. Anyone with some imagination and a little creativity can make the most of one of the most beautiful and diverse natural stones available on the market.

Limestone Mantels

Do you have a fireplace? Well, when it comes to mantels, limestone is the ideal material. It’s hardy and easy to clean. This is just a minor pro though. It looks absolutely stunning. Depending on your pre-existing colour scheme, I love the darker style limestone tiles and they look especially amazing if you’re going for the motif of a winter palette.  Lighter colours look great for a more royal effect.

Limestone Benchtops

Limestone benchtops are practical, heavy duty, and opulent and all these qualities make them the ideal option for benchtops. They are almost equivalent to marble, yet a little more cost effective. Limestone benches can take a knock and are easy to maintain. There are a wide variety of colours available to suit any kitchen type, style, and size. It’s also heat resistant which makes it ideal for the avid gourmet go-getter. Limestone is a porous stone, so it is susceptible to pick up some stains, but luckily, they are easily removed with a few cleaning tricks along with a good sealant.

If you’re renovating or building your dream home, limestone or any natural stone for that matter is worth considering as your go-to building material and I fully believe that it’s one of the best building products on the market. So pop online and take a look at some examples of how people have used limestone throughout their houses. You will be pleasantly surprised at how aesthetically pleasing limestone can be.

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