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What makes portable banners are so handy?

Banners are the most straightforward and most convenient display options available for marketing and branding. They are also among the oldest display systems. Despite the age, banners remain as one of the most effective marketing tools. They are popular in trade expos, business conferences and marketing activations. A banner is a must-have display system for any business. There are different types of banners; portable banners and retractable banners. Tearing the two apart is hard when they are set up, but the difference lies in the roll-up functionality found in retractable banners. Portable banners are manually set up, and the banner is rolled out manually and separately before attaching to the stand. Nonetheless, portable banners have proved to be effective and convenient display options. Here are some of the reasons why portable banners are so handy.

Easy to set up.

Setting up a portable banner only requires a few minutes. The design is simple yet sturdy. The stand has a firm base that offers support to the whole set up. The banner is attached to mounting strips or rails that ensure the graphic remains in position. A support pole is placed at the back of the banner to keep the set-up upright and stable. Most support poles are telescopic to ease assembly and disassembly, but bending poles are equally effective at supporting the frame. Portable banners are ideal for areas where a quick set up is needed. When you don’t have the luxury of time, a portable banner is the best display system to carry with you. Assembly only involves a few parts, and no tools are needed.


As the name suggests, portable banners are popular due to their portability. Among all banner designs, portable banners are the lightest.  On average, large size portable banners weigh around 3kgs. Others that utilize light-weight aluminium parts weigh less. The weight makes portable banners easy to carry and set up.

Moreover, all parts can be packed into a small convenient transport bag. The banner is rolled up, and the telescopic support pole retracted to fit into the bag. Since the banner is unprotected, caution must be taken not to destroy it while transporting the display.

Stable and durable

High-quality portable banners are made from durable materials. Hard plastic and aluminium are the most popular materials used. Aluminium graphic rails make the entire design sturdy while the wide base provides adequate support to the structure. For outdoor setups, water bags and sandbags can be added to the base to provide extra support. Portable banners have no moving parts and are therefore safe from frictional wear and tear. With proper storage and transportation, portable banners can last a lifetime making them a sound long-term investment.


Portable banners are low-cost display systems. Acquiring one doesn’t need you to dig deep into your pocket. The banners come in different sizes and designs. Nonetheless, the biggest high-quality options still remain inexpensive. Considering the effectiveness of the banners, the durability and the convenience, portable banners offer great value for money and make for a good investment.

Interchangeable parts

The design of a portable banner allows several parts to be changed. Since the graphic is separate from the frame, you can use different banners with the same frame. Considering different locations and occasions have different display requirements, a portable banner gives creative freedom to use different graphics

If you want a convenient display system for your business, a portable banner is your best bet.

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