/Why Winter is A Great Time to Clean Up Your Yard and Install A Shed
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Why Winter is A Great Time to Clean Up Your Yard and Install A Shed

What’s your schedule like this winter? As much as you’d like to spend the entire season curled up under a blanket with a hot drink, a good book, a lengthy series, or some interesting company, you still have to attend to your regular chores. One aspect of your life is bound to change though. It’s unlikely you’ll be spending much time outdoors.

Unless you’re an avid sportsperson, you probably won’t be jogging, swimming, surfing, or cycling. You might even give up your weekly football game with the guys. Basketball might survive, since you can play indoors. But you’ll still have to drag yourself out of your house to get into the car. Then you’ll have to leave the toasty car to walk to the court.

Unfortunately, you can’t lock yourself indoors for three whole months. You’ll actually catch far more sniffles in that enclosed space, so you’re bound to pick up germs. You’re better off finding something constructive to do around the house. Housecleaning isn’t an exciting prospect – all that cold water. But you could clear the clutter and maybe build a shed.


Spring cleaning in winter

Start by going through the house, room by room, and setting aside any clutter. Books, clothes, or sports equipment that aren’t being regularly used should exit the living space. This will make your home feel fresher and better organised. You don’t have to keep everything. Some of those little-used items cans be donated or sold.

As part of your inspection, check the garage, attic, and storage cupboards. Everything in there may seem essential – that’s why you stashed it in the first place. But given an objective once-over, some of that stuff is just hoarding space. And given the winter chill, that idle property could make a nest or hiding place for pests and other nasties, so clear it all out.

Once you have a clearer idea of what you’d like to keep in storage, you can design a space to put them in. Installing a shed is a lot simpler than you’d think. There are lots of flat-pack sheds available. You just order your desired dimensions from a shed company and put it up yourself. Alternatively, you can hire them to set the shed up for you. It takes less than a day.


Find the right shed

These sheds are made from PVC panelling and come in a wide variety of styling. You can get a flat roof, gabled roof, or skillion roof. You can even have skylights added for natural light. You can pick a single or double-door shed, with gutters and downpipes for harvesting rain water. Before putting up the shed, you’d have to create a concrete slab to support your shed.

You also need to waterproof the base of the shed by sealing the inside corners and joints with silicone. This prevents underground damp from seeping up the sides and moistening the inside of the shed. It’s a likely scenario, because the PVC sides can easily accumulate condensed water droplets, and this could damage the property stored inside the shed.

Of course there’s one thing you haven’t done yet. You haven’t cleared the yard. You want your new shed to go up in a clean, well-tended, spotless space. Winter promises temperatures of around 16 degrees, so there’ll be a lot of outdoor creatures looking for warm places to snuggle up. If your yard had hiding spots, the pests can harbour there and then dash into your shed the first chance they get.


Prepare the way for your shed

Put on some gardening gloves and coveralls. Clear any bushes, shrubs, or junk piles. Try to schedule it for trash day so your cleared garbage doesn’t stay too long in front of your house. If there are pests hiding in it and it lingers, they could sneak back into the yard. You should also mow the lawn and clean any yard items that you plan to move to the shed.

This is also a good time to refresh your fence and garden furniture. Hose them down or clean them with warm soapy water and a soft brush. For wooden furniture, you can sand them and apply a fresh coat of paint or varnish, brightening up the yard. You might oil any metal furniture, to give it a glossy shine and prevent rust. Garden work is a good excuse to get out of the house, and you’ll soon warm up from the exertion.